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 November 9th OSHL NEWS

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PostSubject: November 9th OSHL NEWS   Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:18 pm

Hello everyone of the OSHL. I have some important things to talk about today.

1. Invites - Please accept your invite to the league on PS3. The password is HMP

2. Schedules
- Please check your schedule. The season will be 48 games.

3. Game logs - After you play a game, please post the result and score here:

(Depends on which conference you are in)

4. Trades
- Please post a trade block in the trade section. If you want to make a trade, please discuss it in the trade talk or trade block section, then have both parties PM me with the trade details. I MUST APPROVE THE TRADE for it to occur. Please do not make any trades unless I approve them and you follow this procedure. I will announce trades in the trade announcement section

5. Playoffs - The top 2 teams in each division will make the playoffs. This means 4 teams per conference, 8 teams total. The teams that do not make the playoffs will have a seperate tournament.

6. Deadlines - Anyone signed up for the league must accept their invite ASAP! I am hoping to have everyone in by November 16th. It is possible that I may need replacement players due to some no shows.
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November 9th OSHL NEWS
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