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 November 27th OSHL News

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PostSubject: November 27th OSHL News   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:24 pm

Hey guys. I will be reporting about the status of our league every 1-2 weeks. Here is todays report.

Wales Conference

Enceladus-Strike Boston [Keep up the good work]
vaughn126 New Jersey [Keep up the good work]
TKup12 Montreal [Keep up the good work]
MagicShakur NYR [Needs to play more games]
cdawg154 Pittsburgh [WARNED for cheesy play]
dce21b Philadelphia [Needs to play more games]
Chitownmenace Washington [In danger of getting dropped]

Campbell Conference

SJSharks12_FTW San Jose [In danger of being dropped]
PhatrlckCokane Chicago [You tell me]
MyKeAl Minnesota [Keep up the good work]
Bluejackets13 Columbus [Keep up the good work]
Leafsfan54 Vancouver [Keep up the good work]
DJackson00 Edmonton [Keep up the good work]
original6ix Detroit [Keep up the good work]

1. Integrity and sportsmanship It has been brought to my attention that some people have been playing this league without integrity. Let me remind you that any sketchy activities will result in consequences. You will be warned if caught and then kicked out if you attempt any such violations again. Examples of violations of integrity include holding the puck behind your net for an excessive amount of time, diving on the forecheck, etc etc. You know what is cheap/cheesy so try to play with some damn class.

2. Playoffs
The top 4 teams in each conference will make the playoffs. Division leaders get an automatic top 2 bid at the top of each conference. Teams that do not make the playoffs will make the Runner up tourney. Players that complete the season regardless of standings will get 1st chance at next seasons league. So please compete hard and fair throughout the whole season!

3. Trades are turned off Due to the fact that EA's leagues are so buggy, trades will be turned off. If EA fixes their problems, I will look at this again.

4. Replacement league members I have waited long enough. Players who have spots reserved will lost that spot if they don't accept their invites or play their games soon.

5. Reporting of games Due to the fact that I cannot always be on my PS3, I need your help in the reporting of games. Please try to post in the game logs section after you play.
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November 27th OSHL News
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