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 November 30th OSHL News

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OSHL Commish and Forum Admin

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PostSubject: November 30th OSHL News   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:20 pm

Here is where we are at right now.

Wales Conference

Enceladus-Strike Boston [Keep up the good work]
vaughn126 New Jersey [Keep up the good work]
TKup12 Montreal [Keep up the good work]
MagicShakur NYR [Needs to play more games]
cdawg154 Pittsburgh [WARNED for cheesy play]
dce21b Philadelphia [In danger of being dropped, where are you???]
STOKEYOAKS83 Washington [NEW]
xSl4psh0t13 Tampa Bay [Needs to play more]

Campbell Conference
SJSharks12_FTW San Jose [Keep up the good work]
PhatrlckCokane Chicago [You tell me]
MyKeAl Minnesota [Keep up the good work]
Bluejackets13 Columbus [Keep up the good work]
Leafsfan54 Vancouver [Keep up the good work]
DJackson00 Edmonton [Keep up the good work]
original6ix Detroit [Keep up the good work]
Coby1919 L.A. [NEW]

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PostSubject: Re: November 30th OSHL News   Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:20 pm

Leafsfan54 Vancouver [Keep up the good work]Note: Unavailable until the 12th of Dec for games, may get a game or two before then though, waiting on an internet usage notice Sunday
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November 30th OSHL News
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